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Jefferson County

311 S. Center Avenue, Jefferson, WI, 53549, US

Jefferson County 4-H Horse & Pony Scholarship Application

The Jefferson County 4-H Horse & Pony Project is offering funding for the Jefferson County 4-H Horse & Pony Scholarship to outstanding Jefferson County 4-H Horse & Pony Project Members. We are pleased to provide this scholarship in order to show our appreciation for your accomplishments as a result of your 4-H experiences and to support your future educational goals.

DUE July 22, 2022

Scholarship to be awarded:

  • Scholarships are awarded to 4-H members pursuing a four-year college degree or pursuing a tech-school or non four-year degree.
  • The amount of this scholarship is a minimum of $250 and may be increased, depending on budget and number of awards.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a present Jefferson County 4-H member.
  • Has been a 4-H member for the last four consecutive years.
  • Is enrolled and in good standing with the Jefferson County Horse & Pony Project
  • Be a high school senior or graduate and enrolled in 4-H the year they are filing this application.
  • Planning to enter a post high school college or degree program or may already be in attendance.
  • You may only receive this scholarship one time.

Application Process:

  1. Submit a complete application form obtained from the UW-Extension office. Make sure the application form has all the required signatures.
  2. Provide a transcript of your high school grades (or college grades if appropriate).
  3. Do not put application in sheet protectors because copies need to be made.
  4. Applications must be fully typed and complete or they will not be considered.
  5. All applications are due to the UW-Extension office by July 23, 3021. Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted.
  6. Secure 2 letters of recommendation from 4-H leaders other than a parent. Applicants should include an addressed and stamped envelope for the leader to mail the recommendation letter directly to the UW-Extension office.
  7. Submit 1 photo of yourself for publicity purposes. (will not be given to scholarship panel)
  8. Applicant must participate in an interview with the scholarship panel if asked.

Applicant will be considered based on his/her 4-H Horse & Pony project experience, experience as a 4-H member, community citizenship and as a person. The Scholarship Committee will review the applications impartially. Decisions of the scholarship committee are final.

Awarding of Scholarships:

Scholarship awards will be announced at the next JCHP County Wide meeting. Scholarship recipients are asked to be present. Applicants will be notified in writing.

Distribution Procedures:

The Scholarship will be distributed upon completion of the first semester of enrollment at the university, college, trade school, technical school, or other post high school training. Prior to receiving your scholarship award, recipient must provide the following:

  • A collegiate academic transcript for at least one term showing a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.
  • All required documentation must be submitted by March 1st to the JCHP Chair, UW-Extension Office, 864 Collins Road, Jefferson, WI 53549. If not received by March 1, your scholarship is forfeited. No Exceptions.



Date of Birth

General Leader Name

Parent's Address

High School Address

Address of Post-Secondary School You Plan to Attend

Letter of Recommendation

You will need to have two letters of recommendation from two different 4-H Leaders. A 4-H Leader can be a club general leader, club project leader, junior leader advisor, club assistant leader, camp chaperone, county or state leader that you have worked with. The 4-H leader cannot be a family member. The letter will need to explain how the leader knows you, how you are involved in 4-H, your dependability, your cooperation, your leadership skills and any other information that shows you are a good candidate for the JCHP Scholarship. 

Letters of Recommendation (Upload Here)

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4-H Member Signature

Choose how to sign

Section A - Academic Information

Section B - Experiences in Horse & Pony

List 4-H Horse & Pony Events/Activities that you have participated in: 

ie: County Fair, State Expo w/ horse, State Expo – Educational, Hippology, Horsebowl, Drill Team, Clinics, Parades, Workshops, contests, lessons, fundraising, etc.

Event/Activity 1

Event/Activity 2

Event/Activity 3

Event/Activity 4

Event/Activity 5

Event/Activity 6

Event/Activity 7

Event/Activity 8

Event/Activity 9

Event/Activity 10

List 4-H Horse & Pony Project Leadership Experience: 

Club/County/State/National Levels

Leadership Experience 1

Leadership Experience 2

Leadership Experience 3

Leadership Experience 4

Leadership Experience 5

Leadership Experience 6

Leadership Experience 7

Leadership Experience 8

Leadership Experience 9

Leadership Experience 10

Section C - Experiences in 4-H

4-H Projects: 

4-H Project 1

4-H Project 2

4-H Project 3

4-H Project 4

4-H Project 5

4-H Project 6

4-H Project 7

4-H Project 8

4-H Project 9

4-H Project 10

4-h Project 11

4-H Project 12

4-H Project 13

4-H Project 14

4-H Project 15

4-H Awards Received: 

(Include leadership, project or other awards)

4-H Award 1

4-H Award 2

4-H Award 3

4-H Award 4

4-H Award 5

4-H Award 6

4-H Award 7

4-H Award 8

4-H Award 9

4-H Award 10

4-H Offices Held: 

(club, county, district, state, collegiate)

4-H Office 1

4-H Office 2

4-H Office 3

4-H Office 4

4-H Office 5

Section D - 4-H Citizenship/Leadership Experience

List up to 10 major 4-H leadership activities/experiences that you have participated in at the club, county, district, state, or national 4-H levels. Please explain how the leadership activity/experience affected the group you were working with and how it affected your growth in leadership.

Section E - Citizenship/Leadership Experience Other than 4-H

Section F - Career Goals

What are your educational and career goals? What impact has 4-H and/or Horse & Pony had on your future educational, career, or personal goals?